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UNITED TYPE "P" Blower Exhauster with direct connected motors.

Prevents metal fume fever in welding operations by pulling away the smoke and fumes from the breathing zone of the worker by means of our Type "P" Exhauster. They can be used for blowing and exhausting air, dust. light shaving or other materials, from power presses, hammers, high speed grinders, as well as grinding and buffing wheels.

Also cooling-high temperature Electronic Tubes such as used in Sealing Machines. Capacities listed below are based on accurate tests over entire operating range shown. These blowers can also be furnished with polyphase or explosion proof motors at slight increase in price.

United Blower Company’s “P” type blowers are cast aluminum, food safe, washable, rust and heat resistant, and can be used in ambient temperatures up to 600f (i.e. Ultra Violet ovens)

Note: We do have Special High Temperature motors available upon request

“P” type blowers can also be used with a Washdown Duty motor and steam cleaned on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness in Food Production.

Finally, “P” type blowers are supplied with Cast Aluminum Radial Impellers that can be used to carry food particulates to any recovery system the client desires. Note: “DEF” Chopper Blades can be supplied at a slightly increased cost.

Our “P” type (cast aluminum) blowers are applicable for positive and or negative air movement in the following uses:

  • Paint Spray Booth exhaust
  • Grain storage bins and silos
  • Engine Room exhaust
  • Chemical and Toxic storage facilities (refineries, fuel storage)
  • Dust collectors
  • Wood working
  • And can be used for dust, light shavings, feathers or down.

Benefits of using Cast Aluminum blowers:

  1. Housing and impeller is rugged and durable
  2. Can be used in the presence of HIGH AMIENT temperature
  3. Rust proof and food safe!
  4. Can be supplied in single or three phase motors
  5. Cast Aluminum “P” type blowers are Spark Resistant when used with: Class1, Division 1 Groups C & D.
  6. Cast Aluminum “P” type blowers are Spark Resistant or Explosion Resistant when used with: Class 2 Division 1 Groups F & G
  7. "P” type blowers are easily coupled with standard size inlet and outlet flanges Note: Explosion Proof and Totally Enclosed motors are also available.

Other uses for “P” type blowers are:

  • Landfill exhaust
  • Pillow filling
  • Compressor Cooling
  • Fume exhausting
  • Water aeration
  • Toxic fume control
  • Ozone aeration
  • Manhole and water tank exhausting

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